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31 Aug 2014

 Is it the climate, the geography, the sunsets, the people or simply the fact that it is away from home that makes Fiji such a popular choice as a wedding destination¬ Whatever it is, the wedding and honeymoon industry is booming, and couples are arriving from many different parts of the world to say, I do in Fiji. Honeymooners and marrying couples are now discovering the beauty, romance and sheer natural magic of this exotic, far­flung destination. It is surrounded by some of the world‘s best beaches, is drenched in sunshine and is home to the friendliest people One of the main reasons that appeal to couples and families is that the 150­ guest wedding at home is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The cost, the stress and the arrangements have made the big day less appealing as our lives have become somewhat busier. Also, those who really want to attend will make the effort to travel.

Cost is a big factor, and to be able to have a wedding and honeymoon for a lot less expense than a big wedding at home is helping couples to choose an island escape as a great alternative. Couples are also marrying in Fiji with no guests present, with only the photographs and video to show everyone when they return home. Most resorts and hotels have their own wedding planners, but experience has shown that an unbiased and neutral wedding company is a desirable alternative as they should have accumulated years of experience and advice that does not favour one. Another advantage of using the services of a wedding coordination company is that the documentation and other formalities are all carried out with little fuss. Resorts have been known to use staff as a photographer and produce images that can be very disappointing. However, some resorts can arrange a very good wedding package. The location of the wedding service is another important factor. A poolside wedding at the resort can be inhibited by children enjoying the surroundings and having little regard for the importance of what is taking place nearby. Or cleaning staff can clatter past with a trolley.

Most disappointing of all, the couple may find that they are one of perhaps four weddings taking place that day, and nobody wants to be part of a production line. The more expensive resorts will guarantee that no­one else is getting married the same day. Again, a professional wedding management company will make sure that the couple have privacy and a location that will not upset them or their guests. Beaches are a popular choice for a wedding ceremony, especially with a sunset to enhance the backdrop. Local photographers with experience will take advantage of the sunsets. Fiji does not have perfect sunsets every day, but it does produce many, and even shots taken after the wedding but during a sunset never fail to impress. Many couples opt for a Christian service, and the number of resorts that have a chapel on their property is increasing. Locally there are civil marriage celebrants available, and Christian ministers who are very willing to perform a service that will suit religious or other requirements.

The chapels are usually available for a Christian or civil service, depending on the couple‘s choice. The mainland, however, has consecrated churches for those couples who wish to have an authentic wedding, with the denomination of their choice being the deciding factor. Most mainstream Christian religions can be accommodated.

Legal documentation is not difficult in Fiji. However, if one of the couple has been married previously, proof of divorce is required, along with original or certified copies of respective birth certificates and passports. The Fiji Islands offer a simple licensing process for everyone, regardless of their country of birth, their religion or their beliefs.

Costs vary from place to place. However, a budget wedding is a budget wedding, and many couples have cut corners on costs only to be very disappointed at the end result. This is one area that needs to be thought about very carefully.

It is a good idea for couples to really decide what result they want to achieve from their wedding day. If they are not worried about photography and mementos, the porter at the resort is more than likely the happy snapper they should use.

If they want a nice set of pictures and a video, wedding organisers will be able to call on professionals who will create great albums and video footage.

The flowers and other services are also important, and working with a wedding planner is the best way to ensure that these services are going to be what the couple dream of and expect.

There are resorts that have well managed events and can accommodate couples and guests. Some of the smaller resorts often will have the couple, family and guests as their only clients during, before and after the big day. Guests often use this opportunity as a great reason to go on holiday, and often thank the happy couple for the invitation because of the opportunity it has given them to enjoy an island vacation.

Accessibility and facilities in Fiji are improving by the day, and a wedding and honeymoon on these beautiful islands is something very special. Swimming with your new wife or husband in the crystal clear waters and enjoying a cocktail while watching an island sunset is certainly a very romantic thought, and with Fiji offering affordable options, this dream is becoming a reality for more and more engaged couples.

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