About Go Travel The Pacific

Go Travel The Pacific was created by Waterford Press with a very simple formula in mind, lets tell the discerning Australian and New Zealand traveller about the Pacific and what all these unique Islands have to offer.

So in April 2014 Go Travel The Pacific was born. The rise to huge readership and acceptance by a discerning audience had Jetstar aquire the publication as an e-mag for passengers to read in-flight. Jetstar fly 85,000 pax per day and Go Travel The Pacific is a popular in-flight option. Distribution of hard copy in Australia and New Zealand is substantial and sold in over 400 bookstores Also available in all airport bookstores in Australia and New Zealand. Go Travel THE PACIFIC has the readership if you have the product to promote.

We are now available in all major bookstores online. Select your favorite online bookstore on this site to read the magazine.

The Pacific is a "must see" destination for any traveller, honeymooners, adrenaline junkies; retired couples and families who all enjoy the wonderful natural countries with their colorful culture steeped in tradition. Go Travel The Pacific Magazine is one of Waterford Press' quality publications both in digital and hard copy formats. Please feel free to contact us for any reason we are very approachable.