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GO TRAVEL THE PACIFIC Magazine takes the reader on a journey through the islands The stories regionalize THE PACIFIC and make it simple for the reader to understand the different Attractions, Accommodation and Activity options. The magazine is full of interesting genuine experience stories and gives the reader a local insight into what is really available. The 'real' PACIFIC Packed full of amazing features on The Islands interesting culture even what places to dive. From shopping and dining to recommended hotel operators.

It's all in the fast paced mag with beautiful color plates that complement the wonderful genuine experience stories. It is the only PACIFIC regular magazine in any overseas country encouraging more inbound travellers.

The magazine is staffed by a diverse group of individuals who possess wide-ranging talents. Our highly skilled design, marketing, editorial and sales professionals uphold the magazine's core values of growth, service, accountability, creativity and commitment.

Readable on Jetstars in-flight iPad (Internationally and Domestic Australia) Available in 5 star boutique hotels in-room Endorsed by THE CEO of SPTO 24,000 retail sales nationally in Australia (Quarterly) 5000 New Zealand 9,000 retail Internationally . Including UK, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE.

Online subscribers 123,000. Facebook 12,000+ followers, Twitter 10,000+ Followers.

Available to purchase online at all major online bookstores.