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Sailing Fiji

With easy access from many international airports, Fiji is a great holiday destination offering a vast array of activities and accommodation options. A relatively new addition to this mix is the opportunity to charter your very own yacht...

Fishing the Pacific

The South Pacific has long been known because of the exciting experiences the waters can offer. It has been famous to tourists and even neighboring countries because of adventures and excitements it can offer...

WWII Solomon Islands

I was on my way to see the remnants of one of the biggest theatres of war that the Pacific staged during 1942 and 1943. I was on a mission to realise a boy-hood dream, fascination and adrenaline reigned...

Sleeping Giants Zipline

Standing at the tower’s edge with my harness securely fastened I glanced down. Many metres below trees and rocks covered the valley floor and suddenly my heart began to pound in my chest, a wave of fear gripping me; then I let go..

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