South Pacific Adventure Divers (SPAD)

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Coral Coast Dive

The Coral Coast’s diving features a whole array of great dive sites with a range of different topography. Fish life is superb; and the outer reef walls, slopes and drop offs are just a stone’s throw from the shore.
Short boat rides to an array of stunning dive sites – 5 minutes from the Warwick are the White Wall and the Barracuda vortex on Morgan’s wall – wait till the current is running for ‘cuda, eagle rays, sea whips – just a great drift dive
Meanwhile, from our base at Crusoe’s Retreat, there is stunning diving on sites like Stoneflowers, Bang and Lone Tree. There are Leopard sharks and Shovelnose rays in the channels; amazing hard coral gardens outside (outer reef) – rank upon rank of table corals spill down the reef.

Beqa Lagoon Dive

South Pacific Adventure Divers (SPAD) use moorings at popular dive sites that can be used by other local dive operators as well. This is in keeping with SPAD’s eco-sensitive policy to do everything possible to preserve Fiji’s pristine environment and reef structure. Also we donate to Yanuca Island village to protect coral reef as a marine reserve.
Some of the world class sites explored include ‘Caesar’s Rocks’, a collection of pinnacles covered with a profusion of soft coral and fans, and teeming with small exotic fish life; ‘The Golden Arch’, pinnacles featuring an extravaganza of golden color soft coral and reef fish including the elusive Blue Ribbon Eel; and “Side Streets”, a multitude of small pinnacles that occupy a reef passage creating the surreal feeling of walking between forest. The pinnacles are smothered in rich dark red and purple soft coral, with dense masses of surgeonfish hanging in the current above.

The Shark Dive

Without a doubt !! The Beqa shark dive is now firmly established as one of THE must do dives around the world.
8 different species of sharks can be seen at “The Bistro”. Whilst the Bull sharks are the main draw, on every dive we would expect to see Gray reefs, Whitetips, Blacktips and Tawny nurses. Lemon sharks and dazzlingly graceful Silvertips are frequent visitors, and, if you are lucky enough, your dive may be graced by the majestic presence of a Tiger shark. This dive has serious WOW factor – the buzz will last a while!
Your Heart will race for Days!