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Whale Swim Tours

Tonga is one of the only places in the world where you can swim with the whales up close.

Every year from July to late October the whales complete their migration from the cold feeding waters south of New Zealand and Australia, to the warmer tropical waters of Tonga where they give birth to their calves and perform courtship readying themselves for the next season.
Join Tongan Expeditions Dive and Whale Swim for a once in the lifetime swim with the whales tour and witness these enormous and majestic creatures in their natural environment.

With our small group sizes of only 8 passengers per boat means our guests will have the very best opportunity to experience these wonderful creatures up close.

Diving in Vava'u

Vava’u has rich varieties of hard and soft corals, stunning sea fans, teeming with reef fish, sharks, manta rays, nudibranchs, crustaceans, pipefish to name but a few things to be seen. The distinctive landscape of Vava’u has created a unique dive environment; with dramatic drop offs, caverns, chimneys and ‘swim throughs’ you will experience diving at its best.

Water temperatures in Summer can reach up to 29°C, the water is clear and it is not uncommon for the visibility to be 40+ metres. This provides a great breeding ground for many juvenile species. During Winter the water temperature is an average of 25°C, this is the time when we share our waters with Humpback Whales, and many of our dives are accompanied by whale songs.

With many unexplored areas around the Vava’u archipelago you never know what we will come across under some of bluest waters in the world!

Come and dive with Tongan Expeditions and we can explore together!

Learn to Dive

With Tongan Expeditions Dive and Whale Swim you can start your diving or continue your education with courses including Advanced Diving, Rescue Diving, and Photography, right through to Dive Master level.

As one of the only registered PADI Dive Resort in the entire Kingdom of Tonga - you will have the confidence of having the worlds best scuba diving associated instructors, training materials and safety.

All our staff are fully qualified and experienced in all PADI courses and with Tongan Expeditions Dive and Whale Swim quality and safety standards you will be in good hands.

Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to our training and safety for our customers!

Whale Swim Tours

  • 1 x Days Whale Watch & Swim TOP350pp/pd
  • 2 x Days Whale Watch & Swim TOP340pp/pd
  • 3 x Days Whale Watch & Swim TOP335pp/pd
  • 4 x Days Whale Watch & Swim TOP330pp/pd
  • (local currency indicated)

Diving in Vava'u

  • 1 x Days Diving TOP220 pp/pd
  • 2 x Days Diving TOP210 pp/pd
  • 3 x Days Diving TOP200 pp/pd
  • 4 x Days Diving TOP190 pp/pd
  • (local currency indicated)

Learn to Dive

  • Discover Scuba Diving - TOP165
  • Open Water Diver Course - TOP800
  • Advanced OW Course - TOP750
  • Rescue Course - TOP800
  • Dive Master Course - Upon application
  • (local currency indicated)